Voter Registrar

Representing the Community

The voter registrar represents the City of Petersburg and the Commonwealth of Virginia in matters pertaining to voter registration and elections and represents the community by:

  • Working to ensure the integrity of the election process by maintaining an accurate voter registration list
  • Conducting elections under the guidance of the electoral board in accordance with federal and state laws in an efficient and equitable manner to ensure fairness, accuracy, and purity in all elections, including:
    • Recruiting and training over 100 officers of election
    • Preparing seven polling locations located throughout the city
    • Establish a Central Absentee Voting Precinct for the 45 days preceding each general election
    • Developing and delivering election materials
    • Testing and distributing election equipment
  • Providing information, materials, and assistance to candidates

Additional Duties

Another important mandate of the office is to educate the general public concerning registration and encourage registration by the general public (Section 24.2-114 of the Code of Virginia). 

Toward that end, the voter registrar also:

  • Develops programs specifically aimed at informing the public
  • Distributes literature
  • Provides voter registration information and materials
  • Schedules group training for Voter Registration Drives
  • Schedules voting equipment demonstrations
  • Schedules speaking engagements