Investigations Division

The Investigative Division is Commanded by Captain André Boswell and divided into the Major Crimes Unit, the Special Investigations Unit, the Forensics Unit, Document Services, and Asset Forfeiture Services. 

  • The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is responsible for the investigation of all serious crimes, including homicide, robbery, aggravated assault, assault, abduction, rape and sex offenses, burglary, economic and fraud crimes, and other crimes that require in-depth or follow-up investigations.
  • The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is tasked with narcotics and vice enforcement, as well as other strategic and tactical investigations as directed by the Chief of Police.
  • The Forensics Unit is responsible for crime scene processing, evidence collection, property storage and accountability.
  • Document Services is responsible for warrant service and prisoner extraditions.
  • Asset Forfeiture Servicesunder the VA Code 19.2-386.22, gives the police department the authority to seize certain property that has been used in the commission of certain felonies, including narcotics. The property may then be forfeited after the court hearings.

Investigators from the Major Crimes unit continually provide information to the victim's family throughout the course of the case. If you have difficulty reaching a detective or are not sure which detective you need to speak with, please call Major Crimes at (804) 203-4466.

2023 Homicides

To date, 3 lives have been lost this year.  

Javarius Desmore
March 14
1403 Pin Oak Drive #1034
Antonio Walker
April 5
124 Henrico Street
Shaun Hankins
April 24
20 Leavenworth Street


**BOLD indicates case has been cleared**