What services are available through PCC?

Available services to the court are: probation supervision, alcohol and drug testing, alcohol and drug screening and assessments, referrals for alcohol and drug education and treatment, anger management classes, shoplifting prevention classes, Thinking for Change (T4C) classes, restitution collection and monitoring and community service placement and monitoring.

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1. What is the purpose of Pretrial Services?
2. What are the program objectives of Pretrial Services?
3. How are clients placed on local probation supervision and referred to PCC?
4. What services are available through PCC?
5. Who is eligible for placement with PCC?
6. How long is an individual on probation supervision?
7. What are the responsibilities of the client while under Local Probation Supervision?
8. Does an individual pay a fee for participation in the Local Probation Supervision Program?
9. What if I can’t make my scheduled appointment because of school or work?
10. Can I choose my community service site?