What is a Site Plan?

A site plan is a drawing that shows an interested party what the development plans are for the land. 

Site plans are required for a property if the following situations apply: 

- New Structure on vacant lot 

- Addition to existing structure 

- Accessory Structure 

How the Review Process Works

After the application and construction documents have been submitted: 

  1. Plan reviewers from all applicable departments will review the submitted plans and documents to evaluate code and ordinance compliance:
    • Building Inspections – reviews application and plans for code compliance.
    • Planning - reviews plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
    • Utilities – reviews plot plan and application for water and sewer availability, and encroachments into water and sewer easements
    • Environmental Engineering – reviews plot plan for erosion control, drainage, and Chesapeake Bay Act, as well as setbacks from all easements and environmental features.
    • Fire Marshal - for fire suppression systems/ site plan for fire code compliance.
    • Budget Management – reviews application for proffer payments (when applicable)
    • Health (when applicable) 
  2. If the construction documents are approved, the permit may be issued.
  3. If corrections are required:
    1. By Plan Review - the plans are placed on “hold” and the applicant is notified by telephone or email (based on the alternative selected at the time the application is submitted).
    2. By any of the other departments listed in #1 above - a letter will be mailed once the last department review has been completed.
  4. The applicant can meet with review staff to discuss outstanding issues.
  5. If necessary, the applicant takes the plans back to make the necessary changes.
  6. The applicant submits the corrected construction documents for re-review. Permits will not be issued until construction documents comply with the Codes.
Online Site Plan Form

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