Human Resources

The Human Resources Department exists to support the city in its mission by providing courteous and effective human resource services to employees, city administration, other departments, and citizens.


The Human Resources office maintains the city’s personnel policies and procedures manual, and is responsible for the research, development, revision, and distribution of policies, procedures, and regulations. Additionally, the office administers all employee benefits and maintains personnel files and related paperwork on all employees.


The city accepts applications for existing vacancies, including promotional opportunities. The office provides fair, consistent, and equitable treatment of applicants in compliance with federal laws, without regard to non-merited based factors.


Petersburg, VA, a city rich in history, dedicated to providing superior services and promoting community pride.  


To create and maintain....

  1. a clean city.
  2. a safe city.
  3. a customer service centered city.
  4. a results driven city.

Core Values

Professionalism: We will provide professional service and are committed to being proficient, reliable and excelling in all aspects in our conduct of performance. 

Excellence: We will aim to achieve quality service and produce in everything we do for the betterment of the city and its citizens/businesses. 

Trust: We will be open and honest to internal and external customers. 

Ethical: We will be honest and responsible with the highest integrity that promotes fairness to both internal and external customers. 

Respect: We will be courteous and acknowledge diversity in the sharing of information and methods of operating. 

Service: We will strive to satisfy and exceed our citizens/customers expectations. 

Build: We will build better communication through collaboration and team work. 

Unity: We will work together equally to achieve a common vision and goal. 

Responsive: We will put our customers first and we will respond in an efficient manner. 

Growth: We will manage the long term growth and development of Petersburg by adhering to the core values statement. 


The City of Petersburg is an Equal Opportunity Employer.