Commonwealth Attorney

Commonwealth Attorney: Tiffany Buckner (Effective June 27, 2020)

The Attorney for the Commonwealth and Tiffany Bucknerassistant attorney for the Commonwealth shall be a part of the department of law enforcement of the county or city in which she is elected or appointed, and shall have the duties and powers imposed upon her by general law, including the duty of prosecuting all warrants, indictments or information charging a felony, and she may in her discretion, prosecute Class 1, 2 and 3 misdemeanors, or any other violation, the conviction of which carries a penalty of confinement in jail, or a fine of $ 500 or more, or both such confinement and fine. She shall enforce all forfeitures and carry out all duties imposed upon her.

The work of the office is led by the Commonwealth’s Attorney, a constitutional officer, and is supported by the prosecutors, paralegal, legal secretaries, victim witness advocates, and other professionals.  

Each person in the Office works hard daily to ensure the efficient, effective, and ethical prosecution of defendant’s and comprehensive representation of crime victims and witnesses in the appropriate courts in Petersburg; Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, General District Court and Circuit Court.

In addition, the office is responsible for a program in support of public safety and criminal justice in Petersburg, the Petersburg Victim Witness Assistance Program.