Real Estate Development

Once the Petersburg, Virginia City Council has authorized the sale of a property classified as "surplus." The Council directs the method for selling the property in the ordinance or resolution authoring the sale of such properties. The list of commercial and residential properties are in PDF links below. For more information please contact a representative in the Economic Development Department, 135 West Union Street, Petersburg, VA 23803,

If you identify properties on the list you are interested in purchasing, please submit a proposal that includes the following information:

a. The name of the Prospective Purchaser and contact information

b. Identification of the property by street address and parcel number

c. Zoning Conformance (Determined by the City)

d. Comp Plan Conformance (Determined by the City)

e. Enterprise Zone Determination (Determined by the City)

f. A description of the proposed use and development proposal

g. A description of the building dimensions if new construction

h. The purchase price offer

i. An estimate of the total private investment associated with the development

j. A description of Proposed financing (Equity %, Debt %, Tax Credits, etc.)

k. Community benefits including the number of potential construction and permanent jobs associated with the development, and any other community improvements

l. A request for a due diligence period (not longer than 120 Days)

m. A brief description of the Prospective Purchaser’s qualifications and experience with similar development

Proposals should be submitted via email to:

The Office of Economic Development

or via Postal Mail to:

The Office of Economic Development

135 N Union Street

Petersburg, VA 23803

Should you have any questions, please send an email to the Office of Economic Development or call (804)733-2352 

If you need detailed information about the specific City Owned property please visit The City Assessor's Office link at

List of Commercial Properties for Sale

List of Residential Properties for Sale