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Lee Memorial Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Baseball / Softball
  3. Basketball
  4. Bike Trail
  5. Bleachers
  6. Grill
  7. Parking
  8. Pavilion
  9. Picnic Areas
  10. Picnic Shelters
  11. Picnic Tables
  12. Playground
  13. Restrooms
  14. Tables
  15. Tennis Court
  16. Trails
  17. Walking Trails
  18. Wilcox Lake
  19. Wildflower Sanctuary
Lee Memorial Park is a 330 acre park with a rich history. Four years ago, the City entered a into  a public/private partnership with the Wilcox Watershed Conservancy. As a result  a master plan was adopted by the City Council to preserve the park by incorporating public improvements and interpretive and educational programs.

Among the 330 acres 18 acres are developed while the remaining offering more natural undeveloped park land. The park offers several amenities, including Wilcox Lake, picnic shelters, walking trails, Cooper Memorial Baseball Field, a bath house, and wildflower sanctuaries. Proposed under the master plan are extended walking trails, gardens, an environmental education center, and various public improvements including bridges and overlooks to enhance the park experience.
Through the collaborative efforts of the Wilcox Watershed Conservancy and the City of Petersburg the trails at Lee Memorial Park are undergoing rehabilitation. The Rotary Clubs of the Tri Cities Area provided playground equipment through a grant opportunity and City Council approved Community Block Grant Funding for the new tennis courts at Lee Memorial Park.


  1. Lee Memorial Park - Basketball Courts

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  2. Lee Memorial Park - Trails and Pavillion

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  3. Lee Memorial Park - Wilcox Lake

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