Street Sweeping

Main thoroughfares are swept daily. This includes Washington St., Wythe St., Crater Rd., Medical Park Blvd., County Dr., and South Blvd. between Crater Rd. and Sycamore St.

The following streets are on an as needed basis:
Market St., Sycamore St., Adams St., Franklin St., Tabb St., Union St., Old St., and Grove Ave. River St, MLK Bridge, Pocahontas Island, River Walk parking lot, W. Bank St. Rock St. Farmer’s Market Area, Southside Depot, Old Train Station, and City parking lots (Farmers Market, Old Employment Office.) Madison St., Henry St., N. Jefferson St., Canal St., Fleet St., Cross St., High St., Squaw Alley, Low St., E. Bank St., Taylor St., Burch St., N. Old Church St., Bollingbrook St., Lafayette St., N. Little Church St., and Hinton St.

Private contractors are hired annually to sweep residential neighborhoods. “Street Sweeping” signs are placed in neighborhoods the day prior to sweeping.

Helpful Information
Moving vehicles off of the road and placing bulk items behind the curb line allow for effective sweeping.

Private streets, mobile home parks and privately owned apartment complex streets are not swept as part of this program.