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    It is essential that the entire community have confidence in its police department. This requires procedures for the adequate and expedient processing of all allegations of misconduct by Department members. Procedures have been established by this agency to see that all complaints are properly recorded and investigated. A brief summary of the stages involved in the investigation of your complaint is as follows:

    The investigator or supervisor assigned to investigate your allegation must complete the investigation and submit a report that includes their findings within thirty (30) or forty-five (45) days. If extenuating circumstances exist, the investigator or supervisor may ask to extend the investigation. Following final disposition by the Chief of Police, you will be notified in writing of the disposition.

  2. Incident Information
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  4. List names of all officers present during the incident

  5. List names, phone numbers, and addresses for all witnesses present during the incident

  6. Please explain the incident. Be specific in your description of actions, words, and circumstances. It is crucial to the investigation that you fully describe your actions, the actions of the Police officer(s), and any other persons involved in your complaint. Include any additional witness information in this space if necessary.

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