Petersburg Area Transit

June 1, 2020 UPDATE:
Petersburg Area Transit is now offering service from 5:15am - 6:15pm. 

Routes have been returned to their normal schedule except for the following: 

  • No service to Fort Lee

  • Riverside Jail: service upon request

  • No service to Amazon

  • No service to Central State Hospital

  • No service to Virginia State University (Campus Closed)

  • Washington Street and Lee Avenue is combined. Washington St. route leaves 15 minutes each hour and Lee Ave leave 45 minutes each hour.

Para-Transit Service remains the same without restrictions

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Friendly Reminders

Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear masks.

Patrons should not use public transportation if they are ill.

Services may be refused for anyone displaying COVID-19 symptomatic behavior.


April 2, 2020 UPDATE: 

Beginning Friday, April 3, 2020, Petersburg Area Transit will resume its “Essential Services Schedule” with limited bus schedule for selected routes for patrons to access essential jobs and services.

For PAT assistance call 804-733-2450

March 15 Press Release

Limited Service Route Schedules

Limited Service Turn-By-Turn Routes


MARCH 31, 2020 UPDATE: 

To prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, all fixed route transit services will be suspended until further notice beginning April 1, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. 

Petersburg Area Transit (PAT) will only provide emergency para-transit services for current para-transit riders for essential business during this time.  

For PAT assistance call 804-733-2450


PAT has suspended all on-board fare collection and enforcement.

Where possible, PAT riders will need to enter and exit through the rear doors to reduce close encounters between passengers and operators.

Greyhound and PAT Ticketing Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6 a.m. – 4 p.m. with no Saturday Service. 

Patrons will only be allowed to purchase tickets inside the building but must remain outside prior to the arrival of their respective transportation. PAT will continue city bus service on limited schedules (see below).

As South Park Mall is now temporarily closed, PAT will provide limited service for those patrons who need transportation to other businesses and jobs. The times are as follows:  7:15a, 10:15a, 1:15p and 4:15p until further notice.

Petersburg Area Transit will continue providing limited route service until further notice 

March 15 Press Release

Limited Service Route Schedules

Limited Service Turn-By-Turn Routes