Operations Division

The Operations Division is comprised of Patrol Officers, K-9 Officers, Traffic Safety Officers and School Resource Officers. The Uniform Operations [Patrol] Division is the core of our Police Department. 

This Division provides the citizens’ and visitors’ of Petersburg with around-the-clock protection and service. The Patrol Division of the Petersburg Bureau of Police has the responsibility of preserving the peace, protecting life and property, and maintaining the balance between law and order and individual liberty. The officers of the Uniform Patrol Division, true to its name, accomplish this by vigilance and constant random patrols of the city's streets and “Hot Spots” by marked and unmarked cars, on foot and on bicycle in an effort to discourage and prevent criminal offenses from occurring.  

Officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division serve to enhance the public's awareness of criminal activity in their community and are the primary first responder to calls for immediate police service. The Uniform Patrol Division is by purpose highly visible in the community, and are accessible to the public at all times, working in partnership to enhance the quality of life for our citizens.
Primary duties include: timely response to calls for service, crime prevention through proactive patrolling of identified Hot Spots in need of Police intervention, reducing traffic problems by both preventative and enforcement efforts, conducting initial investigations, taking crime reports, and maintaining a commitment to our city’s Evidence Based, Community Policing efforts. To balance agency objectives and allow for personal pursuits.  Officers assigned to the Division work eight (8) or ten (10) hours shifts for recovery; reduced fatigue factor.